PAMS is working in conjunction with international art markets and art organizations to present works of art from overseas in a showcase format. This year’s showcase will feature contemporary works from Hong Kong, Spain and Cambodia.

International Showcase – Hong Kong
Victor Fung Dance, From the Top
Making a dance about the so-called "art" of dance making
From the Top is a light-hearted contemporary creation that explores the power relations between dancers and choreographers. This piece presents a fictional scenario based on everyday life in the rehearsal studio. Actions on stage are juxtaposed with voice-overs and surtitles to reveal the hidden politics between the ever-demanding choreographer and the dancers who strive to fulfill his artistic “vision”. Set to a specially commissioned score by Ruth Chan, and wittily performed by Kenny Leung and Ronny Wong, this piece looks at the absurdity of “artistic integrity” and questions what it means to make “art”.
Oct. 6(Tue), 17:20 - 17:50
5F, Studio Theater, Dongsoong Art Center
Focus Showcase – Cambodia
New Cambodian Artists, Sronoh (Lament)
At the end of the sixties the USA dropped their bombs on Cambodia, right in the middle of daily life. More then 600.000 Cambodians died, many villages were ruined. It was the beginning of a devastating period, resulting in the Khmer rouge ruling and still showing its scars in everyday society.
The new generation of Cambodian artists battles with it’s past and in doing so, uses new dance forms, mostly based on classical traditions translated into the new era; The new era of Cambodian performing arts.
SRONOH takes you through feelings of despair, pain, devastation and togetherness. We pray, we shout, we cry and above all we dance our pain away. In the end, we are exhausted, but we stand tall: With pride.
Oct. 7(Wed), 17:10 – 17:40
5F, Studio Theater, Dongsoong Art Center
International Showcase – Spain
Montgomery, Welcome to the Montgomery Experience
“Welcome to the Montgomery Experience!” is a celebratory feast, and a concert performed by a group of five musicians together with six invited dancers exposing their curiosity, relations and desires openheartedly, giving their all in an outpour of emotions and a heterogeneous repertoire of movements and presence.
Oct. 7(Wed), 18:00 – 18:40
B2F, Dongsoong Hall, Dongsoong Art Center