01 If you are a performer and or performing group

Promote your group and works and explore the possibility of creative cooperation through multiple PAMS programs. You can experience Booth Exhibition designed for group promotion, Speed Dating that allows meeting with domestic and international programmers of festivals and performances, Focus Session that studies state of performing arts policies of neighboring countries and Roundtable where participants can share field experiences under diverse subtopics.

02if you are from festivals and arts center

Take part in programs that show vivid aspects of domestic and international performing arts, and discover works that you want and examine the possibility of cooperation. You can meet with PAMS Choice, PAMS Link, International Showcase, all of which includes domestic performing arts works.

*Registration and Reservation

After getting registered as either an Individual Participant or Booth Exhibitor, you can participate in a variety of programs such as performances, information sessions, and networking meetings among other events. Some of the programs require prior reservation, so don't miss out on them.

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