Open the door ‘Expansion’ with opening events, making the link of ‘Connection’ with closing event.
These events are not only the official declaration point for opening & closing, but also the networking place after enjoying the collaboration performance of PAMS Choice 2015.

Opening Performance / Oct. 5(Mon) 17:00-17:30 B2F, Dongsoong Hall, Dongsoong Art Center

Opening Performance / Oct. 5(Mon) 17:30-19:00 B2F, Dongsoong Hall, Dongsoong Art Center
The contemporary-styled excorcism(gut) collaborated by PAMS Choice 2015(Tanemotion, Art Project BORA, Pansori Project ZA 박박parkpark) and newly organized band Ssing Ssing of LEE Hee-moon Company of PAMS Choice 2014!!

Production Director : Lee hyungjoo, Lee heemoon
Lighting : Jang jinyoung, Kim minsu
Sound : Oh younghoon, Jang taesoon
Stage : Jeong gwangjin, Kim sangyeob, Kim taejin
Film : Kim taeyoon
Choreography : Park junhee, Park youngdae, Lee yong woo, Lee joon won
Assistant : Lee chan
Ssing Ssing Jang younggyu, Lee chulhee, Lee taewon, Lee heemoon, Chu dahye, Shin seungtae
parkpark Park minhee, Ji min ah, Ahn jung ah
TAN EMOTION Yonrimog, Kim sojin, Kim soyeop, Kim seulji, Kim hyeonsu, Suh hoduhk
Art Project BORA Kim bora, Park sangmi, Jung juryung, Lee jume, Lee jiyoon, Yang jiyeon
Pansori Project ZA Lee jaram, Park jihye, Lee hyangha, Kwon seonwook

Opening Reception / Oct.5(Mon) 19:00-20:00 1F, Cafe ONSAEMIRO, Dongsoong Art Center