• Date : October 5 (Mon) to October 9 (Fri), 2015
  • Venue : Dongsoong Arts Center and JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul
  • Hosted by : PAMS 2015 Steering Committee
  • Organized by : Korea Arts Management Service
  • Supported by : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Arts Council Korea
  • Sponsored by : Industrial Bank of Korea
  • Associated with : ARKO Performing Arts Center, Arts Council Korea, Australian Council for the Arts,

    Busan Cultural Foundation, China Cultural Center in Seoul, International Conference of the Arts scene, National Theater Company of Korea, Korean Cultural & Arts Centers Association, Literature Translation Institute of Korea, Performing Arts Management Association of Korea, Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul International Dance Festival, the World Music Expo, Representative conference of national provincial and city cultural foundation

  • Program Overview :
  • Events Details
    Focused Area Country of Honor ASEAN (Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam)
    Showcases PAMS Link Works of performing art originating from Korea to be performed PAMS, selected through open competition
    PAMS Choice A showcase of outstanding works selected via screening of those performed in the past 2 years, representing contemporary trends in the performing arts in Korea, exhibiting remarkable original perspectives
    International Showcase PAMS uses the Showcase format to introduce works from other countries, while building cooperation with overseas performing arts markets and cultural arts institutions.
    Information Sessions Focus Session The second phase of three year-long Focus Series on Asia region: ASEAN
    Exploring the fields of cultural and arts industry in Asia with as focus on ASEAN and Korea
    Round Table This session gives those involved in the performing arts field chances of talks about major themes in a free atmosphere that cover recent issues in domestic as well as international arenas.
    Networking Programs A day with PAMS Master Mentoring program for Korean potential/beginner art producers and artists
    PAMS Buddy Program for those who are new to PAMS or overseas participants interested in and wishing to learn more about the culture and performing arts of Korea
    Speed Dating 1:1 intensive networking program with professionals from festivals or performance facilities both at home and abroad
    Looking for International Partners (LIP) LIP presentation is a public occasion where a participant introduces his or her own production plan by different phases of creation, development and distribution of works and, then, finds his or her own partner, including actor or actress, choreographer, co-producer, or presenter. This program gives an opportunity of searching a potential partner as well as identifying changes which a work shows while it is being developed. It also helps him or her recognize creative, cooperative information and its possibility.

    ※ Presentation may include PowerPoint slides, video clips and other media. Participants who want to practice in real settings are advised to use Pop-up Stage.
    PAMS Night Networking party
    Booth Booth Exhibition A meeting space to share information and advertise production
    Pop up stage Informal showcase of booth exhibitions
    Events & Functions Opening/Closing Ceremony & Reception Official program for the opening & closing ceremony