Registration for individuals

Individual Registration

  • Presenters : Those responsible for theaters and festival programs
  • Promoters : Planners in performing arts groups, agents and companies in those firms.
  • Producers : Those who produce performing arts works.
  • Administrators : Persons in charge working at cultural and artistic institutions and associations.
  • Artists : Artists and art groups
  • Other Performing Arts Professionals : Academicians, people in the press.

Registration Period and Expense

    Registration Type Registration Price Note
    All day pass for five days First round (July 9 ~ August 31) KRW 200,000
    (about USD 175)
    50% of early bird discount
    Second round (September 1 ~ September 21) KRW 320,000
    (about USD 290)
    20% of early bird discount
    On-site (October 5 ~ October 9) KRW 400,000
    (about USD 360)
    All day pass for one day On-site (October 5 to October) KRW 80,000/day
    (about USD 70)
    All day pass for five days for group participants Related departments in colleges and universities (August 31 ~ September 22) KRW 120,000
    (about USD 100)
    Individual registration impossible

    PAMS offers a discounted pass (50% off of full price → KRW 400,000) to all individual registrants of last year. from last year for an unlimited period. (only for Five-day pass)
    Discount benefits are NOT available with walk-in registration.
    Payment fees can be charged differently, depending on the exchange rate on your registration date.


  • PAMS 2015 Participant Pass : gives access to Booth Exhibition, PAMS Choice, Showcase and other networking events, including opening reception and PAMS Night.
    You may not take part in some programs that serve whoever comes first, or made a reservation.

  • Information of Korean and international participants in PAMS 2015
  • Brochure package and souvenir as well as PAMS 2015 programs


Payment Option: Bank Transfer or Credit Card

Cancellation and Refunds

  • You may request the cancellation of your reservation through email, or fax, before making a phone call to get a confirmation.
  • Up till seven days before the start of the event (October 5 (Mon)): 90% refund
  • Up till three days before the start of the event (October 5 (Mon)): 80% refund
  • Up till one day before the start of the event (October 5 (Mon)): 70% refund
  • Refund for the payment made with credit card may take about a week.

    You may not enter event places without the non-assignable pass.

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